About Us

Who We Are and What We Do

The Waco City Cable Channel began broadcasting in June of 1992 on Time Warner Cable from studios in the Waco Convention Center. In 1999, Grande Communications began carrying our channel and in December 2008 we became the first city in the U.S. to air programming in High Definition and held that unique distinction for at least four years. Getting this HD channel was a result of producing award winning all local programming that none of the other five local network broadcast stations were doing. We also were recognized in 2006 as one of the top three City Channels in the nation by the National Cable Access Guild.

In addition to fulfilling our responsibility to bring local government meetings and other programming about the city of Waco to our citizens, the Waco City Cable Channel has produced hundreds of all local programs to educate, inform and entertain our citizens about their city. For example, our Waco Gateway to Texas History series has several hundred programs that tell fascinating stories of Waco’s history. Our Museums of Waco series allows viewers to see the more than 20 museums in our city and highlights traveling exhibits that come to town. Our Around Waco features stories of unique businesses, hobbies, places and people in our city. Our For Your Health and Safety series features programs about those things that are so important to everyone to lead a happy, healthy life. In our Waco Remembers series, people describe the way it was in the early days not only in our city but we’ve been able to capture the compelling war stories of many of our veterans who have served our country and document their lives for future generations.

To keep our citizens informed on the latest happenings, our City Beat News Report is a weekly half hour news report with stories of city happenings that often are not covered by the other broadcast stations. It includes the weekly Restaurant Food Scores from the Waco McLennan County Public Health district, latest features of the city’s website and social media outlets, a listing of press release the city sent out during the week and announcements of services and events the City is providing.

During each half hour throughout the day we include one of the City Beat stories as a City Beat News Brief as one of the many short segments we have to fill each half hour with entertaining, informative programming. We have a huge assortment of other short segments that you’ll see sprinkled throughout the day that come from more than 20 different segments like a feature on various Volunteers and agencies that give of their time and service to our community... Good Gardening tips... Historic Markers around town,….an inside look at locally own restaurants as they Serve it Up Waco... a visit to shops and restaurants On the Avenue in downtown Waco... an interesting Moment in Time in Waco’s history... unique Local Sports Features... and Music Videos produced from the Brazos Nights concerts series. And we can’t forget one of our more popular short segments... Images of Waco where for a brief moment you get to see and hear the beautiful and unique images from somewhere in Waco.

And if that wasn’t enough programming about your city, we produce ten monthly 30 minutes talk shows in our HD studio. These include: Community in Focus from the Cooper Foundation, The Giving Connection from the Waco Foundation... Health Wise from the Waco McLennan County Public Health District, Home Is Where Our Heart Is from the City’s Housing and Community development department... The Prosper Waco initiative... Chamber Connection from the Greater Waco Chamber, Noticias from the Hispanic Chamber and Community Wise from the African American Chamber... and For Your Safety featuring Waco Police, Fire and Emergency Management information. We also produce Medicare and You featuring staff from the Dallas office of Medicare and Medicaid that we distribute to more than fifty other cities to air on their channels.

Our channel has exclusive rights to bring our viewers the full Brazos Nights concerts from downtown Waco and we also take you to LIVE events like the Winter Wonderland, Cultural Arts Fest, the HOT Fair in the fall, and the annual Veteran’s Day Parade through downtown Waco. We’re so much more than a typical city cable channel. In fact you can watch all of our programming several others ways, like on the web through our website at WCCC.TV or our mobile app available free from the Apple store. From there you can watch our live stream of all of the same programs as they are airing live on the cable and you can even call up all of the programs and short subject on demand whenever you want. And we’re not through expanding your viewing options. We now have a RoKu channel available on the internet and we’re continuing to look for the latest way to bring our programming to YOU. So start enjoying all of the local programming being created to educate, inform and entertain you about YOUR city. We are the Waco City Cable Channel.